Pasto Ruri – Guinness World Record!

The Highest Wind Turbine in the World!

Officially certified in 2015, the highest altitude wind turbine in the world that broke the world record on June 19th 2013, still provides electricity to the people of the community of Catac beside the shrinking Peruvian glacier of Pasto Ruri at 4,877m (16,000ft).

Interacting with the turbine has lead the Catac community to expand into a variety of sustainability focused projects, including programs on educating people about the dramatic effects of climate change, and further rural electrification. The community members have taken the initiative to showcase the effects of climate change on the Pasto Ruri Glacier, focusing on: educating school children about the history of the area, making a museum where people can come see what the glacier used to look like, and publishing the drastic changes that have occurred

Working with WindAid, Catac is installing more turbines in their region where there is no access to conventional electricity. Electricity can ultimately change their lives and offer new opportunities to the residents of impoverished and isolated villages in the mountains of Peru. Lighting for studying or crafting at night, refrigerators for food preservation, and electrical outlets to plug in radios and cellular telephones to hear the news from and connect to the rest of the world is what the communities use the electricity for.

WindAid programs focus on projects such as the one in the Catac community and provide much more than just the donation of the power generation. Programs also teach about the effects, benefits and use of renewable technologies. The Catac community and WindAid have benefited from a close continuing relationship to improve and enrich the lives of those in the Catac community and the WindAid Volunteers who work with them.

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